‘A stunning surprise.’ Nonprofit receives donation to pay off mortgage

Community Food Basket Idaho Falls
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Idaho Falls – A nonprofit organization received an “amazing surprise” after a local company donated money to help pay off a mortgage.

The Community Food Basket-Idaho Falls will be able to close its capital drive and pay off the mortgage in a 22,000 square foot storage warehouse. “Thanks to Melaleuca’s generosity, the final $51,500 needed to finalize the capital drive to purchase the warehouse has been donated,” she said in a press release on Friday.

The nonprofit is now the proud owner of its own food storage warehouse located at 1895 N. Boulevard in Idaho Falls. The warehouse stores both dry and refrigerated food.

Community Food Basket Depot
The warehouse is at 1895 N. Blvd in Idaho Falls. |

“We couldn’t be happier,” said Ariel Jackson, CEO of Community Food Basket-Idaho Falls. “After 42 years, our food donations now have a permanent home in Idaho Falls, and the legacy built by so many hardworking people and businesses is safe.”

Melaleuca’s donation represents the largest single corporate donation in the Warehouse Capital Campaign.

“The members of the Melaleuca team are known for their generosity, compassion and commitment to improving lives,” said Frank Vanderslot, CEO of Melaleuca. “They’ve come together to help the hungry, especially during the holidays, and have raised enough to change the future of the community food basket — Idaho Falls and those who benefit from it.”

The Idaho Falls Community Food Basket serves to meet the emergency food needs of families and individuals facing food insecurity in the greater Idaho Falls area. According to a press release, the organization feeds up to 2,000 local families per month.

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