As Inflation Climbs, Weisz Choice Mortgage Group Urges Early Action to Secure Home Mortgages

As Inflation Climbs, Weisz Choice Mortgage Group Urges Early Action to Secure Home Mortgages
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TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / January 20, 2022 / Inflation in Canada is on an upward trajectory leading to an increase in prices. This includes most prices from groceries to real estate. During this time, a major Toronto real estate broker urged potential homeowners to secure loans and get favorable rates. says Nathan Wise, CEO of fast-growing Weisz Choice Mortgage Group (WCMG). WCMG believes that a critical step for a potential homeowner is to work with a mortgage broker and apply for pre-approval for a loan. This secures more favorable terms at current rates and is valid for 90 to 120 days after pre-approval. This gives clients the ability to know what is being approved before purchasing a property. This also protects against any rate increase that may occur during that time.

In addition, inflation has repercussions for the economy as a whole, and in particular for the housing market. There are three important issues. The first edition includes supply chain issues including a backlog of goods awaiting processing at Canadian ports. This is an important factor that has caused inflation in Canada to rise to 4.8 percent, a new 30-year high, according to CBC News. Many experts predict that it won’t be long before rates exceed 5 percent and continue to rise, making it difficult for people to “get in”.

Second, inflation increases the cost of building materials, which unfortunately, builders have to set higher and higher house prices to cover those higher costs that can lower demand.

Finally, inflation increases the cost of borrowing money, making it more expensive to obtain a mortgage. This is important because these loans are often necessary to provide the money that people need to buy a property. If people are unable to buy a home, the market begins to decline. If this happens, the economy begins to deteriorate, and thus inflation continues to rise.

Thus, Weisz states that “it is essential for those who have been waiting to buy their dream home to get started as soon as they can guarantee better rates and a better price.”

History of helping people become homeowners

Fayez says he has always prioritized the needs of his clients, especially during mounting inflation problems. Led by a team of four agents, Weisz Choice Mortgage Group offers a range of services to clients, whether they are first-time homebuyers looking for commercial properties, thriving for long-term investments and many other situations. WCMG has nearly a decade of experience in the real estate and mortgage industry. This has resulted in insights into every potential lending option that can suit anyone’s individual needs. “I have a passion for helping others, so if I can use my skills to overcome obstacles and big deals, then I will be there.”

It’s an approach Weisz has taken throughout his career which began eight years ago with a major Canadian bank exploring investment and lending. Two years later, he focused solely on selling mortgages to the bank and eventually decided to work for another bank to learn more. “I wanted to see if the grass was greener but not greener, just the same shade.” This is what prompted Weisz to launch his mortgage portfolio in January after gaining a solid understanding of the latest loan technology and processes. The expertise he and his colleagues have developed allows them to offer a wide range of mortgage loans and lines of credit from banks. Plus Lenders A, Lenders B, private lenders, and Reverse Mortgages where applicable. Not only does this team help educate and provide many resources to their clients but they are all about exceptional customer service. “My clients come first,” Fayez says.

Commitment to customers helps business grow:

When Weisz was considering starting his own mortgage company, he looked back at his career and tried to identify the exclusivity that would make his company stand out. He realized that one of the leading talents that homeowners continually praised was his dedication to finding the property they love. It has also been consistently recognized for its customer service capabilities by responding to customers in a timely manner with knowledge and kindness. Weisz ensures that all of his colleagues believe in and practice this technology for every one of their clients.

Weisz Choice Mortgage Group aims to alleviate what it calls the “stigma of anxiety” associated with the often complex process of buying a home. The team’s ongoing goal is to ensure customer comfort by ensuring that this process is as stress-free as possible. Weisz reports “Not only do we offer mortgages, but we also connect clients with others in the industry to ensure their mortgage lending process is orderly and resourceful. This includes access to select attorneys, real estate brokers, inspectors, plumbers, landscapers, interior designers and more.” If it comes to a house, we’ve got someone for you.”

Their stature is simple – they treat their clients like family with this hands-on approach, and the team is available to their clients from inception with the pre-approval process right up to the day contracts are signed. “Even after that, we are there to wish our clients a merry christmas and reach out to them for special holidays. We are there for our clients and that’s all I can ask of the staff,” Fayez says.

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