Ask Doss Now Offers Brokerage, Home Loans And FSBO Solutions

Ask Doss now offers brokerage, home loans and FSBO solutions
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Ask Doss is an application for agent consultation and home search, and now the company offers a large number of new professional services to the industry, including brokerage.

Ask Doss verbal home search app has been centered, or rather expanded, offering full office-less agents and brokerage partner in several hot markets nationwide.

Doss Pros launched in 2020 amid the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The company is actively recruiting agents for its unique technology-backed model that charges a flat fee for deals closed with a self-generated lead and a 25 percent referral fee for leads provided by the app of the same name.

Doss Pros also offers buyers a 1 percent discount, up to a maximum of $5,000, and sellers a flat fee for a “LaaS” or “listing as a service” solution.

LaaS offers FSBO solutions to sellers for $595 or $1,195, depending on what level of interest one might prefer along the way. It includes a yard sign and listing posted on the main gates, plus some phone and online support.

Sellers can then put together customized services such as a Matterport tour, open house, portraits, Supra insurance fund, and other related marketing and consulting services.

Doss founder and CEO, Bobby Bryant, expanded his tech company into a brokerage firm because while the voice-enabled search program was generating leads for agents across the country, very few of those leads were converted.

The new model allows the company to better monitor agent conversion technologies and provide direct feedback on program performance.

The company is looking to become a vertical service provider by delving into housing loans and home guarantees.

Beyond that, Doss Social is an online referral agent and networking resource aimed at people at all stages of the business, from investors and flippers to new and semi-retired agents.

Doss Pros offices are open in Raleigh, North Carolina, as well as in Austin, Dallas, and Houston, Texas. The company will seek new locations in response to the agent’s request.

Ask Dos remains the core of the company. The home search and proxy assistance app continues to be improved, and the company is currently part of the Google Acceleration Program.

In 2016, Ask Doss was part of Realogy’s FWD Innovation Summit, a technology competition for new real estate solutions.

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