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Book of Boba Fett Writing Credit Has Star Wars Fans Hopeful for a Cad Bane Cameo

Book of Boba Fett Writing Credit Has Star Wars Fans Hopeful for a Cad Bane Cameo
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The news that Dave Filoni will be writing an episode for The Book of Boba Fett is fueling speculation that a certain Clone Wars character will be returning.

Speculation about the involvement of non-executive producer Dave Filoni in boba fett book He has fans who think that his beloved animated bounty hunter might turn into a live action.

A Disney report leaked to Reddit revealed it, while creator Jon Favreau wrote six of the… boba fett bookHis seven episodes, the sixth one, will be co-written with Filoni. Nothing else was revealed about the chapter’s plot, but since Filoni will be directing an episode, a senior commenter on Reddit suggested that this would be the series’ way of introducing Cad Bane, since it wasn’t used with Boba Star Wars: Clone Wars Date.

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First introduced in clone wars The first season finale of Hostage Crisis, Bane (Corey Burton) – one of the show’s original characters – quickly became a recurring villain and a fan favorite. Notable Bane-centric stories include successfully stealing a Holocron from a Jedi temple and participating in a bounty hunter plot to kidnap Chancellor Palpatine, in which Obi-Wan goes undercover as a fellow mercenary to sabotage the plan.

Bane and Boba Fett, voiced by Fett’s Star Wars: Episode Two – Attack of the Clones Actor Daniel Logan, never reacted before clone warsInitial cancellation. However, Filoni stressed that the future, is unrestricted cloning Story of Wars would have seen a bounty hunter and aspirant go on a mission together, only to end up facing a duel. Current animation footage for this episode also revealed how the battle would have ended: with Boba killing Bane but, in turn, receiving an iconic effect on his Mandalorian helmet.

Because of that unbreakable cycle of clone wars, relationship between with star Wars Continuity has become more fluid, with rumors of a boba fett book The inscription appeared last September. Recently, Bane made a surprise comeback in Disney +’s post Clone Wars show bad batch, steals a cloned Omega – whose unaltered genetic makeup makes technically a sister to Witt – from the honorary Bad Batch for delivery to the Empire. However, a battle between Bane and a young Fennec Shand, an original character from The Mandalorian Who now holds the position boba fett bookThe assistant captain, allows Omega to escape, leaving Pine’s fate unknown.

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by Filoni and Favreau’s The Mandalorian, a favour clone wars Characters like Ahsoka Tano and Bo-Katan Kryze made their way into the live-action area. Disney + future shows like upcoming Ahsoka Appear, will introduce more characters from Star Wars Rebels In order to continue the narrative of that animated series. The latest developments, boba fett book Introduced Black Krrsantan, Marvel’s ongoing Wookie bounty hunter star Wars Cartoons have a well-established history with Boba Fett. It’s unclear whether other characters from the comics, such as rogue archaeologist Dr. Avra, will also make boba fett book a barrier.

New episodes of boba fett book Wednesdays live on Disney+

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Source: Disney+, via Reddit

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