Chelsea should not recall left back Emerson from his Lyon loan

Chelsea should not recall left back Emerson from his Lyon loan
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Chelsea are in dire need to bring in a left-back or left-back after the number of injuries to the team. While there are options in the transfer market, the Blues are looking to call up Emerson Palmieri from Lyon loan. Of all the options, this is Thomas Tuchel and the board should avoid it at all costs. If Emerson is the answer, the wrong question is asked. Talking about who should bring the team and help them in these moments of crisis is not easy. Chelsea are finding themselves short of staff at full-back and a decision must be made in January. Currently, the Blues only have Marcos Alonso to count on. If Tuchel feels he’s taking a chance, Callum Hudson-Odoi will likely play the role. However, these are not sustainable solutions if the team is to succeed and achieve the goals it has set for itself this season.

The main question is, should Chelsea buy someone, bring someone on loan, or call up a player who is already on loan? Buying seems to be out of the equation because prices are overly inflated, and the January transfer window has never been kind to the blues. Therefore, getting a player on loan seems to be the most logical idea. This will help Chelsea in the short term, and if the player, whoever he is, performs adequately, a permanent deal can be offered.

Chelsea should not recall Emerson from this season’s loan to Lyon

However, Chelsea are also looking to recall Emerson from his loan at Lyon. Let’s be honest, on paper, this looks ideal if Chelsea can work on finances with the French side. But players are not judged on paper, and everyone has already seen what Emerson has to offer.

First, Emerson is more of a striker than a defender. At Chelsea, Emerson played a strange role. He was either a left-back or a left-back in practice, but either way, he was more focused in attack than defense. This hurt the team more often than not. The Italian international was found in half of the opposition trying to put pressure on the opposition without success. This left the left side of the field open for attackers to exploit. Therefore, other players had to constantly cover it up, which in turn cost his organizational structure to Chelsea.

Even if Emerson is an “offensive-minded” player, his stats don’t pay tribute to him. While on loan this season in League One, Emerson has officiated 16 games with one goal and one assist. While in the Europa League, only three matches appeared without goals or assists. These numbers serve as a good indication of why he is not the right man for the job.

Moreover, in the Tuchel system, the rear wing is a very difficult role. Whoever occupies this position should give as much support to the attack as to the defense. When it comes to attacking, it is not only about scoring goals or assists, but also being an extra body and providing support to midfielders and attackers. Although Emerson could be that person, he can’t be relied upon enough to perform the necessary operations, let alone take calculated risks.

However, the most important aspect is defense. Since Ben Chilwell’s injury, along with other misfortunes, the Blues have been condescending too much. Therefore, it is imperative that Chelsea find someone who is more defensive. In this case, speed isn’t everything; Positional awareness is key in any system, but even more so in Tuchel’s style of play. These are all qualities that Emerson lacks and, therefore, will make him more of a liability than an asset. In general, Chelsea should keep Emerson on loan and find other temporary alternatives.

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