Churchill Mortgage Investment LLC Adds Two New Staff Positions Responsible for FHA/HUD Underwriting and Loan Processing | News

Churchill Mortgage Investment LLC Adds Two New Staff Positions Responsible for FHA/HUD Underwriting and Loan Processing | News
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Clearwater, Florida.And December 14, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ – Churchill Mortgage Investment LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Churchill Stateside Group, LLC, is pleased to announce the appointment of Julie Tyler As Vice President of Insurance FHA and Amy Corto FHA loan processor.

Julie Tyler, Mass – FHA Vice President Insurance: Julie Joins Churchill Mortgage Investments LLC.

Julie obtained her HUD MAP and LEAN Underwriter certifications in 2003 and worked as an underwriter before being promoted to Deputy Chief Insurance Agent and then to Senior Insurance Agent. Her last position was with BB&T (now Truist) who eventually rose to the position of Vice President of the Underwriter.

She has extensive loan underwriting experience for all HUD MAP programs including 223(f), 221(d)(4) NC/SR, 223(a)(7), 202/223(f), and 221(d)( 4) RAD transactions. Julie also has extensive experience with HUD LEAN programs and has successfully secured and closed 232 New Construction, 232/223 (f) and 232/223 (a) (7) transactions.

Julie started her long career in real estate as a local appraiser BaltimoreA based investment banking company that eventually earned the title of MAI in 1991.

Julie holds a Master of Business Administration (MAS) degree from Johns Hopkins University in a Baltimore, Maryland. She got her university degree from Assumption CollegeGraduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics.

Amy Corto FHA Loan Processor: Amy joins Churchill Real Estate Investment LLC. Besides her extensive background in risk analysis in insurance compliance management, she has held various roles in preparing Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae orders. Amy brings LIHTC’s expertise, multifamily, bond, debt, and healthcare expertise to her new role at Churchill. You will be an integral part of assisting our borrowers, underwriters, and custodians in collecting and reviewing due diligence on FHA transactions.

Executive Director Keith J. Gloickel (GLEK-el) stated, “The Churchill family is extremely pleased to have Julie and Amy as the new additions to the Churchill team. Both are highly qualified and experienced professionals providing additional support to HUD’s growing multi-family and healthcare group.”

Marie Gotschlich“We are very excited to have Julie and Amy on our team. Their expertise and experience will help provide better customer service to our customers,” added Churchill Mortgage Investment LLC’s Chief Underwriter.

About the Churchill Stateside Group (CSG)

CSG is a group of wholly owned subsidiaries that specialize in the financing (debt and equity) of affordable multi-family housing and large scale renewable energy farms around the world. United State. CSG sponsors institutional investor tax credit equity funds through long-standing and successful relationships with many corporate investors. CSG offers a variety of construction financing, permanent financing and bonds to develop and rehabilitate/maintain affordable housing for multiple families. CSG through its subsidiary Churchill Mortgage Investment LLC is a USDA approved lender for Rural Development, HUD/FHA Map, LEAN Lender and Ginnie Mae Issuer. CSG services and assets manage over 3 billion dollars In solar power projects the size of commercial facilities and affordable multi-family residential properties across United State.

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