Cut Stress From Your Life With The “Yes” Diet – NMP

Cut Stress From Your Life With The "Yes" Diet – NMP
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I recently relapsed into some bad habits that enthralled me quite a bit. As we approach the season of food, fun, and festivities, it’s important to remember to take things with caution, both physically and mentally.

For the past month I had to put myself on a “yes” diet. No more filling my plate with saying yes to things that don’t align with what’s best for me, my family, or my lifestyle. I got a lot of help from the extra commitments on my board and it weighed me down. I noticed that I became reactive rather than proactive and didn’t enjoy the things I said “yes” to. I decided to go on a diet and cut a few things out of my life.

You may have felt that, too. This time of year can be exciting and stressful. Organizations, fundraisers and activities have increased their need for volunteers, donations and commitments to achieve their goals, help those in need, serve family obligations, and yes, you probably have a job too.

Fortunately I was able to create the hub and you can do that too.

Here are 3 simple ways to stay active when you’re feeling the pressure of overcommitment.


• When did you commit to this and why?

Choosing to say yes to something in the future because you think you have time later is a trap. There will always be something on your calendar that will question your attention.

• If you are not ready to say “yes” as if it will start tomorrow, then it is an obvious “no”. The things you’re excited about, it wouldn’t make sense to say yes and you’d want to do them right away.

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