‘E-Mortgage in One Day’ – how pilot being realised in Tatartsan —

‘E-Mortgage in One Day’ — how pilot being realised in Tatartsan
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The regional project has attracted over 8000 applicants since September

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Until recently, residents of Tatarstan did not even think about registering a mortgage in Rosreestr in one day since many transactions are carried out today. At least, the Rosreestr pilot project, which introduced this online service, has already attracted the attention of borrowers. As Realnoe Vremya discovered, more than 8000 credit property buyers took advantage of this service in just a few months, and 77% of all recorded transactions were recorded in one day. Read the details in Realnoe Vremya’s article.

How does e-mortgage work in a day

Tatarstan has been implementing the “One-Day Electronic Mortgage” project since last September. Within the project, the period for recording deductions in Rosreestr is only 24 hours instead of the established standard 5-7 working days in the absence of feedback.

Currently, Federal Law No. 218-FZ of July 13, 2015 “On State Registration of Real Estate” establishes the conditions for registration of a residential mortgage: five working days from the date of receipt or receipt of the application to the rights registration authority and seven working days from the date of receipt of the application by the multicenter jobs. Thanks to the pilot project, citizens of Tatarstan have the opportunity to quickly issue an electronic mortgage in one working day without visiting the offices of multifunctional centers using Rosreestr’s electronic services.

As part of the “One-Day Electronic Mortgage” project, Rosreestr in Tatarstan registered the first electronic package of mortgage documents within 24 hours in September. The first online mortgage in the region for the purchase of a new two-room apartment was issued by a young resident of Kazan who decided to improve his living conditions – to move from Khrushchevka to a new building.

As the Rosreestr reported to Realnoe Vremya, thanks to the service “mortgage in 24 hours”, that is, an online application for registration of a mortgage, a capital-sharing agreement using credit funds, a citizen’s purchase of an apartment or house with a mortgage submitted to the administration through electronic banking, In the absence of comments, they are fully processed before the final documents in only one working day.

“This service was introduced only a few months ago, but we are already seeing its demand among applicants: more than 77 percent of electronic mortgages are registered daily, in total, more than 8 thousand people have used this service at the moment,” noted Lilia Burganova, deputy Head of the Rosreestr Department of the Republic of Tatarstan, in an interview with our publication.

If in the second quarter of 2021 26 regions participated in the project, then today all 85 topics in Russia will be covered.

‘It’s a very appropriate opportunity’

Realnoe Vremya, the Realtors Guild of Tatarstan, told that market participants are already actively using this service.

“Service is very timely. The digitization of the processes of interaction with Rosreestr, including the registration of property rights, has recently accelerated, said Ruslan Sadariv, vice president of the union, director of Premier-Nedvizhimost.

The novel coronavirus infection pandemic has also played a role. In 2021, compared to 2020, the share of electronic transactions increased by 30-40 percent, and this indicator will certainly increase.

The expert is convinced that electronic registration is one of the significant trends of recent years, consistent with the Stop-Bumaga program adopted by Rosreestr and which includes the transition to providing services entirely electronically.

According to him, applicants have been using electronic transaction registration capabilities for several years, but the minimum time was three days. If the applicant walked afloat to a multifunctional center to submit documents for registration of rights, the deadlines were extended up to a week.

“From September, it is already possible, and desirable, to register an electronic mortgage transaction within 24 hours. Most of the professional market participants, when one of the parties is a developer, or the transaction is executed by a realtor, use this option,” Sadrif explained in these The case is that it is supervised by a lawyer, who informs citizens of all the nuances and organizes electronic dealing.

At the same time, it is not possible to electronically register every transaction – there are certain restrictions, especially when it comes to property of minors and the disabled.

Citizens who register a transaction independently, without professional support, will also have the opportunity to use the electronic mortgage service in one day without any problems, the interlocutor in the publication is convinced: “If the applicant himself is a legal expert, familiar with the specifics of document management, he should not be He has no problems. But, of course, the main channel for electronic mortgage applications now is developers and real estate agencies. As a rule, people turn to such organizations. ” According to him, today at least 50% of real estate transactions are registered electronically, and in the case of mortgages – even more: “I think in the next year or two we will reach 70-80%.”

“One day registration reduces waiting time for money”

Andrei Savelyev, head of the Tatarstan trade union, considers the service not only in demand, but overdue.

“Now almost every bank has their own online registration. All developers and even many real estate agencies have their own registration, and it takes 1-2 days on average. If we take the entire market, whether primary or secondary, more than half of the transactions are Electronic. If we talk about a mortgage, then almost 90% of transactions take place online. “

According to his estimates, many citizens of Tatarstan are ready to use online registration without unnecessary bureaucracy: “The main convenience is the absence of the need to search for documents. If you go on foot to a multifunctional center, you will go there a second time to get these papers, But with online registration, we will receive these documents online.”

According to Savelyev, the launch of the beta version will allow the state agency to move with time, which is especially important if we recall the complaints of residents of Tatarstan about the long queues and long consideration of applications. Anastasia Gizatova, head of the real estate agency Schastlivy Dom, highlighted another advantage of the service – it will reduce the waiting time for money.

“A typical case with a mortgage: when you apply for mortgage registration, and a bank is involved in the transaction, the transfer of funds provided by the bank occurs after the person who buys an apartment becomes the owner. As a rule, it takes 5-9 days. It turns out that The seller should wait for the money for at least a week.As a general rule, people need the money ASAP when selling real estate.Not at the expiration of the registration but immediately after signing the contract.Thus, one day registration has reduced the waiting time and made the transactions convenient. The expert pointed out that it is convenient for all parties to be a deal.

Ruslan Khabrachmanov, head of the Flat agency, admitted that they try to conduct the majority of transactions via the Internet. At the same time, there are some pitfalls.

“In fact, it takes 1-3 days to register a mortgage online, in cash – 3-5. There are inconveniences, if there are notes, Rosreestr returns the documents but does not stop the transaction. As we know, this is due to the imperfection of the internal program of Rosreestr ”, says the interviewer.

According to Khbibrachmanov, short registration periods are suitable for sellers, in particular, for mortgage transactions, or for transactions with a settlement through a bank cell. “In such transactions, the seller’s receipt of money depends on the registration. It is useful for buyers in cases where, under the terms of the sales contract, the transfer of the apartment is connected with the fact of registration.

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