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Shape is an online lender based in Charlotte, North Carolina that offers personal loans, mortgage refinancing and home equity lines of credit to individual borrowers. Personal loans are available in amounts ranging from $5,000 to $50,000, unless restricted by state law, to borrowers with a FICO score of at least 680.

  • Apply online for approval in less than five minutes.
  • Receive your money within 1 to 2 business days of approval.
  • Get loans up to $50,000.
  • Check if you pre-qualify without hurting your credit score.
  • Choose from several fixed rate payment options.
  • Use AutoPay to get 0.25 percentage points off the annual percentage rate.

  • Figure does not finance loans on weekends.
  • Borrowers cannot be unemployed and take out a personal loan.
  • You must have a minimum FICO score of 680 to qualify.
  • The lender can charge you an origination fee of up to 3% of the loan amount, depending on where you live.

You can spend your personal loan on anything you want, although the company recommends using it for “something responsible,” such as paying off immediate expenses, reducing debt or repairing a home.

The format also offers other loans, including:

  • Lines of credit for home ownership of up to $250,000.
  • Refinance mortgages.
  • Home Mortgages Buying Soon.

Shape uses a simple 100% online app that allows you to check the rates and conditions for which you qualify without affecting your balance. The lender will pull your entire credit report, which could hurt your credit score, if you continue with your application.

Most borrowers need to provide a copy of a valid government ID to apply. You will also have to link your checking account to your Figure app to verify your income. If your checking account can’t verify all of your income, you may need to link your tax return or other information.

You have up to 14 days to complete the application summary and then another 14 days for the full application. When you’re done, you can use Figure’s digital notary to sign the application without printing anything or leaving the web page.

If you do not meet the deadline and your application has expired, you can reapply. But the rate you prequalified may have changed.

A personal loan may be approved in five minutes, and you can receive your money within a day or two of business days. If your loan is approved on Friday, your money won’t arrive until the following week. The number will send you an email when your financing process begins.

Common uses of a loan may include:

  • Covering immediate expenses.
  • debt consolidation.
  • Pay for moving.
  • Home remodels or repairs.

Borrowers may not use the loans to finance illegal activities, including the purchase of medicines.

Choose from several fixed-rate personal loans with an annual interest rate of 5.75% to 22.94%. These rates include a 0.25 percentage point discount if you choose automatic payment.

The lowest annual interest rates (APR) are available to qualified applicants who choose a loan with repayment terms of three years. The term of the loan is 36 or 60 months.

Personal form loans may charge an origination fee of up to 3% of the loan amount, depending on your state. If your loan includes an origination fee, it will be included in your loan offer. You will only pay an origination fee on a Personal Loan of the form and no other fees, including prepayment penalties.

The first payment is due about 30 days after your loan is funded, and subsequent payments are due on the same day each month thereafter.

Personal loan form requires that you have a job, plus:

  • A FICO credit score of at least 680, which falls in the good credit range.
  • The debt-to-income ratio is less than 40%, not including your housing expenses. Your DTI is the percentage of your monthly income that goes toward paying off debt.
  • A valid identity card issued by a government agency. A copy of your driver’s license, official ID, passport or permanent resident card is acceptable, as long as it is not expired.
  • Be in good standing on any previous personal loans.

You need a credit score of at least 680 to get a personal loan. The lender also looks at your DTI, credit use, financial history, and employment status to determine approval.

Personal loan form is available in Washington, DC and in every state except Mississippi.

The format is not approved by the Better Business Bureau and has a C rating due to the failure to respond to a single complaint filed against the company. Trustpilot has a figure of 4.7 out of 5 stars, an excellent rating, based on over 1,400 reviews.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau does not report any complaints in 2020 about personal-form loans.

The format offers customer support for personal loans via phone or email. For general support, call

For assistance with personal loan applications, contact or 688-819-6388 from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. PT Monday through Sunday, excluding major U.S. holidays. If you have a loan and need support, contact or 1950-527-888 from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. PST Monday through Friday, excluding public holidays in the United States.

Figure’s entire personal loan application process can be completed online, including uploading documents and obtaining a notary’s signature.

You can pre-qualify online, get approved in just minutes, and receive funding electronically in 1-2 business days.

Your loan can be managed on the company’s website or mobile application. Once you are logged into your account, you will find data, tax forms, and other documents.

  • People with a good FICO score of at least 680.
  • People who prefer to use online lenders.
  • People who need e-finance fast.


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