Greg Gutfeld: If you want student loan forgiveness go to the schools, not us

Greg Gutfeld: If you want student loan forgiveness go to the schools, not us
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Have you heard? The band asked something. Let’s hope it’s four one-way tickets to Cuba. Really – why do they keep asking so much from America when they can get everything they want out of Komi paradise 90 miles south?

What a grumbler – terrorists don’t make that many requests when they kidnap someone. working for wenot the opposite. But now they are attacking Biden after he said the White House had no plans to extend a pause in paying off federal student loans.

Biden administration refuses to extend student loan suspension, avoiding progress

Gee, I wonder if the AOC has over $17,000 in student loan debt.

AOC: I have over $17,000 in student loan debt. // We have a moral obligation, an economic obligation, and a political obligation to cancel student loan debt.

Did you understand that? We are morally obligated to repay this idiot’s debts. Sorry madam, if the members of the ‘squad’ are morally bound, no one can marry her brother.

So she talks about her college education debt where she majored in stupidity with a minor in ignorance. It is a debt she agreed to pay, but now she wants You are to cover the tab.

But I’ll play: if you pay your debts, you pay the mortgage, how is that for trade, you crap? Why do you get a special deduction and not me? You already have more power than I do. You got the privilege, now you want the privilege. How about returning that dress you wore to the party? There’s 20 thousand dollars there. Therefore, we do not owe you a single penny.

Biden administration of Buttigieg husbands restarted student loan payments the following month: ‘No thank you’

I wish there was someone around her dumber than her.

Rashida Tlaib: I worked full time from Monday to Friday and took classes at the weekend to get a law degree. Nearly 200,000 are still in debt.

What’s wrong with this, you’re full of a stupid piping hot mug? If she can work so hard to get her degree, why not work so hard for it to push for her testimony? Write a book! Hell, even Jesse Waters can do that. And now you expect us to erase that financial list?! She earns 174 thousand a year from taxpayers, which is not enough for her.

But it does raise a point: why do the dumbest people have the highest grades? In fact, really smart people don’t have anything. Einstein dropped out of high school, and Bill Gates dropped out, as did James Woods and David Geffen. Both Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs left school without diplomas as well. What do you mean to say ya?

At least, these people have made huge contributions to our world, contrary to what you can see. Those bits of paper that we call diplomas are the only reason why “The Squad” gets it wrong for being smart.

CAWTHORN slams CHASTEN BUTTIGIEG for complaining about student loans

And sure, they might have been looted, but not by you or me. They did not go to Gutfeld University, which is free and voted in the 1st party school for 3 consecutive years. They were robbed by colleges, realizing how easy it was to get student loans from banks, and tagged these brain dead possums with ridiculous interest rates.

Who would think that a system for 18-year-olds who don’t get income from taking out hundreds of thousands of dollars in loans could cause problems? Universities and government did. They should give themselves an ‘A’ for ‘not at all competent’.

Didn’t AOC have a degree in economics? I can cut my nails for six months, put them in a bag and they will understand inflation better than them. By the way, I sell them on eBay to pay off college debts.

Now they’re trying to pretend to give up student debt to help the poor, except for people who have student debt just like themselves – spoiled upper-middle-class leftists who can handle more things than you.

We saw AOC’s apartment in the capital on Instagram. It didn’t look like Section 8 to me, Miss Cortez. They pretend to be the working class, but they expect the working class to save them.

However, while they were accumulating debts to unprofitable degrees, the working class was denied this opportunity largely because of the cost. You are saving these fools. You literally take money from people who are worse off than them. I wonder how this could happen in the real world.

A skit from a country club woman trying to get a worker to pay for her stuff at the checkout counter because she’s late to an event.

How can the members of the “squad” do this with a straight face? Perhaps that is why Biden and Pelosi have had so many plastic surgeries.

So here’s an idea: You want debt forgiveness that doesn’t actually help the rich? I have a plan – call it “Gutfeld on Wheels”. There are more people who depend on cars for their livelihood than a master’s degree in gender dysplasia. Suddenly their gas costs went up by 50%. Their loans are almost the same as student loans. Why not forgive those loans to hardworking Americans, instead of your spoiled school bull****.

I won’t pick up the tab for some so called crawling, but I will pay the truck loan to some family support contractor or IHOP waitress with two kids moonlighting as a stripper and needing implants. I am nothing, if not a benefactor.

Car loan forgiveness is way more equal than debt forgiveness for people who go to the Met Galas in Tesla.

But if you want loan forgiveness, don’t come to us. I go to schools. Why punish taxpayers – they did not take your money. Managers did excess. Their cost controls are no more present than the Pete Buttigieg breast pump.


Of course, Joe Biden, instead of leading, continues to shrink – a weak vacuum ready to be picked. He said it’s up to Congress to help implement his plan to cancel 10,000 student loans — but only if Congress sends him a bill. It is very comfortable for this lame Trojan horse.

Speaking of horses, we’d be better off with Mr. Ed running things. At least he can talk. But it could be Joe playing the fool. But if you think about it, there will be no play.

This article is excerpted from Greg Gutfeld’s opening monologue on the December 15, 2021 edition of “Gutfield!”

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