Independent mortgage bankers to descend on Nashville

Independent mortgage bankers to descend on Nashville
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To this end, the conference will feature a group of senior industry leaders and analysts, including: Robert D. Broxsmith, President and CEO; Kristi Virchow, President of the 2022 MBA, Executive Vice President and Head of Home Lending at Wells Fargo; Marcus Buckingham, the New York Times bestselling author and researcher who founded the Power Revolution; Michael Fratantoni, Chief Economist, Senior Vice President of Research and Technology; and Marina Walsh, Vice President of Industry Analysis.

“We don’t create agendas in a vacuum,” King noted. “While we were setting the agenda, we were reaching out to our MBA members to see what they had in mind. The problem that kept coming up was technology, so we have a whole session called How to Make Smart Tech Decisions in 2022.” We’re looking at where it’s headed industry, and that was at the forefront of our minds when we were developing the agenda.”

Discussions about workforce talent and changing regulations will also be part of the mix of discussion. Ultimate goal: “How can we help you look ahead and achieve success?” King asked a letter, invoking the tactics of practical and strategic advice to achieve the goal.

King suggested that, apart from valuable insights from panelists at the event, the networking sessions would be highly valuable. “Networking is also very important, making sure that people are able to reconnect,” King said. “In some cases, it has been a long time for a lot of people. In addition to learning from speakers, attendees can learn from each other and build relationships. We wanted to make sure there were opportunities for that as well.”

The organizers noted, however, that physical distancing protocols will be implemented in compliance with advice from medical authorities. “The health and safety of attendees and staff remains our top priority,” the officials wrote. The MBA will comply with all local COVID-19 safety guidelines in Nashville—and in all upcoming host cities—and will notify attendees of any mandatory requirements. We will provide periodic updates when we receive them from Nashville officials.”


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