Intel’s Bitcoin Mining Surprise, Crypto Mortgage, BNB Burn + More News

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Mining News

  • On February 23, an American multinational corporation and technology company Intel Corporation He has a scheduled presentation during the ISSCC conference outlining a new “Bonanza Mine” processor – a new chip described as “energy-efficient, ultra-low-voltage bitcoin mining, ASIC”. At the moment, it’s not clear if Intel will release the Bonanza Mine chip as a product to the public or if it will remain limited to a research project. However, since the chip is in the “Featured Chip Releases: Digital/ML” track and Koduri comments, it makes sense to expect these chips to be offered to customers in the near future, according to Tom’s Hardware.
  • mining equipment manufacturer Bitmain Launched Antminer S19 Pro + Hyd. It represents the company’s first product to combine liquid cooling technology with increased segmentation power. The miner will have a hash rate of 198 terabytes/second, an energy efficiency (at 35°C) of 27.5 joules per terahash (J/TH) and will consume 5,445 watts of power, they said.

adoption news

  • fintech company milo It announced its new cryptocurrency mortgage, which allows investors to use their digital assets to purchase real estate in the United States. Milo customers must be able to pledge their bitcoins to purchase real estate and qualify for a 30-year crypto mortgage.

news exchange

  • Binance They announced that they have completed the 18th digital currency (BNB) burn, removing a total of 1.68 million BNB (US$781.6 million) from circulation. Unlike previous quarterly versions, the number of tokens removed for this quarter was calculated automatically according to the Auto-Burn formula.

investment news

  • investment company Blossom Capital It has raised $432 million to support early-stage tech start-ups in Europe, a third of which has been earmarked for crypto investments, according to Bloomberg. They said they are looking to invest not only in crypto assets, but also in companies that are developing cryptocurrency infrastructure.
  • Decentralized Finance Protocol (DeFi) Hubble protocol It raised $10 million ahead of the major network launch scheduled for January 28. They added that they will take advantage of this support to expand its team and DeFi offerings through 2022.
  • social commerce platform space metaverse Raised an unspecified strategic investment from Binance LabsThe incubator arm of the major cryptocurrency exchange Binance. The project allows users to design their own virtual commerce spaces for games, arts, fashion, music, and more.
  • Sports Participation Platform Esports He said It raised $2.25 million in an oversubscription seed round led by investors including Polygon StudiosAnd the alphabetAnd Nawah Projects, And Cosmos. The money raised will go towards developing the non-fungible tokens (NFT) esports market and the esports-focused metaverse.
  • NFT gaming platform Balthazar They raised $3 million in their first token sale at a valuation of $30 million, in addition to opening a private token sale round, raising $8 million and closing next month.
  • decentralized reserve currency Olympusdaw Partnered with DeFi stabilizer To migrate their liquidity to the balancer protocol. This migration provides a path for Olympus Pro partners to leverage Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools (LBPs) to conduct an initial fundraising denominated in OlympusDAO’s native OHM token, which is down nearly 70% in one month.

Regulation News

  • Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called for global cooperation to tackle the challenges posed by crypto assets. He likened cryptocurrency to supply chain disruptions, inflation, and climate change, and called for simultaneous collective action.
  • The UK government plans to introduce crypto-asset promotion into the financial promotions legislation, which will make the promotion of eligible crypto-assets subject to Financial Conduct Authority The FCA’s rules are aligned with the same standards held in other financial promotions such as stocks, shares and insurance products. This is a scheme to mitigate the risk of consumer harm, and to ensure that people have the right information to make informed investment decisions, the ad said.

Security News

  • cross chain bridge multi-chain He said Users who did not update their consents according to the instructions were taken advantage of and lost 445 encapsulated ether (WETH) (US$1.4 million). The project had warned its users to remove the approvals for six tokens, or else their assets would be exposed to the vulnerability.

Career News

  • Crypto Payment Services Provider Bitpay Jim Lister was announced as the company’s first Chief Operating Officer (COO), tasked with overseeing the company’s blockchain product innovation. Lister previously served as CEO and Director of the Board of Directors ThingTechAnd Where he was responsible for the overall strategic execution of the business.

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