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Jamie Lee Curtis’ Says ‘True Lies’ Strip Tease Was ‘Bad*ss’

Jamie Lee Curtis’ Says ‘True Lies’ Strip Tease Was ‘Bad*ss’
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  • Jamie Lee Curtis just recounted the most empowering scene of her career.
  • She said in a recent interview that I felt the worst of things during the 1994 movie striptease tease true lies.
  • “It was a powerful experience that no one else can take credit for,” she explained.

    In our eyes, Jamie Lee Curtis was, is and always will be. Her acting abilities and overall personal prowess are reaching their limits, but in a new article for in style, 63, has revealed what she thinks are her best personal moments from *bad* (on the set, at least).

    You probably know the movie. In the action comedy 1994 true lies Where she stars alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger, Curtis’ character Helen Tasker performs a striptease for her husband – something completely out of her element. Admittedly, Curtis was nervous about pulling it off, but she executed it flawlessly (no rehearsal!) by striking the perfect balance between awkward comedic relief and total sex appeal.

    “It was so early in the filming schedule, which made me a little worried because it meant I would probably stop eating whatever I was eating and maybe do some sit-ups, but I didn’t have time. There was no choreographer, and we were rehearsing.” Only in the sense that we knew where the camera was and what marks to hit.”

    “It was a powerful experience that no one else can take credit for.”

    She dances to John Hyatt’s “Alone in the Dark,” as she peels off her little black dress. “There was a moment when I closed my eyes and let it all go, and there was silence after that,” she recalls. “It was a powerful experience that no one else can take credit for – it was just me, the music, three cameras, and about 100 guys.”

    In an industry that seemed to value it only in little or no clothes at the time, it was Take out the knives star He could have been upset by the scene (and rightfully so). But instead, she chose to make it hers. And at one point, the moment became “too exciting” for director James Cameron, Curtis recalls.


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    I grabbed the base of the bed as a dancing partner, and really got into this moment. The movements became too compelling to fit her character’s isolation. “[Cameron] He came to me and whispered in my ear, “Are you going to leave the pole?” Curtis recounted. “He understood that Helen’s faltering in her seductive dance would remind everyone that it was a comedy, after all.”

    In the scene, she suddenly fell to the ground – as if bouncing off her – jumping backwards and continuing to dance as if nothing had happened. It will always be the greatest laugh I will ever get in my life,” Curtis said.

    In an interview conducted in June 2021 with People, the Halloween kills The actress remembered seeing the movie’s premiere in a full theater — including, err, her father, who sat next to her. “Thousands of people – you know, it’s really quiet during this sequence, because it’s a bit exciting. So when [Helen] It falls and then it comes back, oh my God,” she remembered. The fall broke the silence.

    It’s a moment she – and everyone who watched it – will never forget.

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