Kane, Wilshere & Lampard: 43 loan spells you’ve probably completely forgotten about

Kane, Wilshere & Lampard: 43 loan spells you've probably completely forgotten about
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The loan system in football can be incredibly beneficial for both the club and the player.

It can be used for several reasons.

Big clubs may borrow an exciting youngster to give them first-team football experience. The receiving club gets a talented youngster while not having to pay big wages.

Enter the giveaway

Enter the giveaway

It can also be used as a “try before you buy”. If clubs are unsure if a player would be a suitable fit for the club, they can loan them out with the option to sign with them after the temporary transfer.

While clubs sometimes seek to free up some space in their pay bill by getting rid of unwanted players and making the loan side pay some – or all – of the players’ salaries.

But since loans can sometimes only last for a couple of months, it is very easy to forget some spells.

So, we decided to spot some loan spells that most fans might have completely forgotten about – or weren’t even aware of in the first place.

Here are 43 loan periods that will get some of you going “really?”

Quiz: Can you name a football player based on their Wikipedia page?

Ashley Cole at Crystal Palace

Cole went on loan from Arsenal to Palace in 2000, and played 14 times.

Peter Crouch at IFK Hässleholm

Kruechi went to Sweden where he scored three goals in eight matches. The previous season, he was in Dulwich Hamlet in the first division of the Isthmus League.

Jonjo Shelvey in Blackpool

Shelvey went to Blackpool while at Liverpool, scoring six goals in 10 matches.

John Terry in Nottingham Forest

During the 1999/00 season, Terry played six times with Forrest.

Michael Carrick in Birmingham City

While at West Ham, Carrick went to Swindon Town and then to Birmingham. He played only six times for Swindon and twice for Birmingham.

Aaron Ramsey in Nottingham Forest

In the 2010/11 season as an Arsenal player, Ramsey played five times for Forrest.

James Milner in Swindon Town

Despite making him bow in the Premier League at a very young age, Leeds allowed him to join Swindon in the 2003/04 season where he played six times and scored two goals.

Stephen Kolker in Liverpool

Most people will likely remember when Liverpool signed Koulker on emergency loan in 2015/2016 – and keep it up in advance!

Stephen Kolker

Not Ferdinand in Besiktas

One of the greatest strikers in the history of the Premier League returned to Turkey in the 1988-1999 season. He scored 14 goals in 24 Premier League matches.

Teddy Sheringham in Djurgardens IF

When he was at Millwall, Sheringham went to Sweden in 1985. He came back with 13 goals in 21 games for Djurgardens.

Jesse Lingard in Brighton

Lingard left Manchester United on loan to Leicester, Birmingham, Derby and West Ham during his career. But his magic at Brighton in 2013/2014 is perhaps easier to forget.

Rodrygo in Bolton

Now at Leeds, it’s easy to forget that Rodrygo joined Bolton in 2010/11 from Real Madrid.


Wojciech Szczesny in Brentford

Chesney spent a first-league season with Brentford in the 2009-10 season.

Frank Lampard in Swansea

Early in his career, West Ham allowed Lampard to join Swansea on loan for 11 matches.

Rio Ferdinand in Bournemouth

West Ham also allowed Ferdinand to leave. He played 11 matches with Bournemouth.

Danny Welbeck in Preston

In 2009/10, Welbeck played eight times in the Preston Championships.

Danny Welbeck

Kyle Walker in Northampton

When he was at Sheffield United in the tournament, Walker was shipped on loan to Northampton in the first league.

Louis Saha in Newcastle

Saha’s first taste of English football was on loan at Newcastle from the Mets, where he scored two goals in 12 matches.

Alan Hutton in Mallorca

Houghton replaced Birmingham for Mallorca in 2012/13 when he was an Aston Villa player.

Ross Barkley in Leeds

We don’t blame you for forgetting this because Barkley only played four times for Leeds in 2012/13.

Ross Barclay

Ian Wright in Nottingham Forest

Towards the end of his career, Wright joined Forest on loan from West Ham. He scored five goals in 10 matches.

Adam Lallana in Bournemouth

Lallana loves the south coast, right? While at Southampton, Lallana played three first-league matches for Bournemouth in 2007/2008.

Ian Rush at Sheffield United

After leaving Liverpool, Rush spent a somewhat unsuccessful period at Newcastle. During which he played four times with Sheffield United in the First Division in 1997/98.

Mark Noble in Hull City

Noble is West Ham through and through but played five times for Hull in the tournament in 2005/06. He also spent time at Ipswich the following season.

Mark Noble

Wayne Bridge in Sunderland

At the end of his career with Manchester City, Bridge played eight times in the Premier League with Sunderland.

Harry Kane in Millwall

Kane had four spells on loan from Tottenham before becoming the striker he is today – Leyton Orient, Millwall, Norwich and Leicester.

Jordan Henderson in Coventry City

Early in Henderson’s career, he left Sunderland for Coventry. He played 13 matches for the club.

Adriano in Fiorentina

The legendary Brazilian striker was loaned to Fiorentina for the 2001/2002 season by Inter Milan. He scored six goals in 15 matches.


Daniel Sturridge in Bolton

Sturridge revived his Chelsea career by scoring eight goals in 12 Premier League games for Bolton in 2010/11.

Jack Wilshere in Bolton

A season ago, Wilshere made 14 appearances for Bolton as a teenager.

Giovanni dos Santos in Ipswich

The former Barcelona player signed for Tottenham in 2008 but was soon sent on loan to Ipswich, where he scored four goals in eight matches in the tournament.

Jack Grealish in Knotts County

Grealish actually spent an entire season in the first league during the 2013/14 season for Notts County. He scored five goals in 39 matches.

Jack Grealish

Hector Bellerin at Watford

Before becoming a regular Arsenal player, Bellerin played eight matches for Watford in the tournament.

Gylfi Sigurdsson in Alexandra Crewe

When he was in Reading, Sigurdsson spent time on loan at both Shrewsbury and Alexandra Crewe.

Carlos Villa at West Bromwich Albion

At the end of his tenure at Arsenal, Villa played eight times in the Premier League for West Bromwich Albion.

Casper Schmeichel in Falkirk

When he was at Man City, Schmeichel spent time in Darlington, Bury, Cardiff and Coventry. But the time he spent in Scotland with Falkirk will not be remembered by many.

Casper Schmeichel

Yossi Benayoun at Arsenal

Well, fans will probably remember this, but it’s still weird that Chelsea let him join their London rivals. Benayoun played 25 matches with Arsenal.

Giuseppe Rossi in Newcastle

Man United did not give Rossi many chances early in his career. In fact, he played more Premier League matches for Newcastle while on loan during the 2006/07 season.

Jordan Pickford in Darlington

Pickford spent time at the local Darlington club in the convention in 2011/12. He also went on loan to Alfreton Town, Burton Albion, Carlisle United, Bradford City and Preston North End.

Jordan Pickford

Diego Costa in Celta Vigo

Early in his career at Atlético Madrid, Costa struggled on a few loan spells for the likes of Penafel, Braga, Celta Vigo and Albacete.

Philippe Coutinho in Espanyol

Now on loan to Aston Villa but did you know that Coutinho went on loan to Espanyol during the 2011/12 season?

David Silva in Eibar

Before kicking off his career at Valencia, Silva spent time at both Eibar and Celta Vigo on loan.

David Silva Eibar

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