Littler Global Guide – Belgium – Q4 2021

2021: The year of the sustainability-linked loan
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New Economic Immigration Policy for Self-Employed Foreign Persons in Flanders

Enact new legislation

The Flemish Ordinance of October 15, 2021, and which comes into force on January 1, 2022, provides a new economic immigration policy for foreign self-employed persons who carry on professional activity in the Flemish region. The aim of the new law is to attract freelance foreign talent and creators to the Flemish region by, among other things, clear admission requirements for a professional card, simplified (digital) application procedures and strict enforcement and control measures.

New mobility taxes

Enact new legislation

The November 25, 2021 law, which became effective on January 1, 2022, seeks to make the company’s vehicle fleet in Belgium greener. Under this new law, for employers (and employees) to benefit from the favorable tax and social insurance treatment of company cars, the company’s new fleet of cars must be carbon-neutral from 2026. In addition, employees who replace their own company cars for the budget , you will have a wider range of spending options (eg the budget can also be used for costs related to electric scooters, parking costs related to using public transportation or bike loans).

COVID-19 – Extension of CBA No. 149 for Compulsory or Recommended Work

Enact new legislation

The new CBA number. 149/2 of December 7, 2021, extends the validity of the original CBA No. 149 regarding compulsory or recommended remote work due to the COVID-19 crisis (which was in effect until December 31, 2021) for a period of three months (that is, until March 31, 2022). Like the previous one, this CBA, which covers the status and well-being of remote workers at work, applies only to companies that have not developed a teleworking scheme by January 1, 2021.

Extension of the simplified “COVID-19 Temporary Unemployment System”

New regulation or official guidelines

On December 10, 2021, the Belgian government extended the more flexible “COVID-19 Temporary Unemployment” system, which greatly simplifies the procedure for employers to apply for temporary unemployment for employees. The system has been extended until March 31, 2022.


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