Marilyn Mosby indicted for perjury and mortgage fraud

Marilyn Mosby indicted for perjury and mortgage fraud
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Federal prosecutors announced today that Baltimore Attorney Marilyn Mosby has been charged with failing to disclose her taxes when applying for mortgages to purchase two Florida condominiums, and lying about her financial hardship in order to obtain the Covid-19 money she used to purchase real estate. .

As mentioned by Mosby in mortgage documents, such as baltimore brew Last March, it revealed that it will use one of the condominiums as a second home, which qualifies it for a lower interest rate.

That statement was false since one week before, according to the indictment, “Mosby entered into an agreement with two vacation home management companies to market the property as a short-term rental.

The four-count indictment was announced today by US Attorney Eric L. Barron and agents of the FBI and Internal Revenue Service.

If convicted, Mosby faces a maximum of five years in federal prison for both counts of perjury and a maximum of 30 years in federal prison for both counts of false mortgage applications.

False claims of hardship

Federal prosecutors confirmed last February that Mosby and her husband, City Council Chairman Nick Mosby, were under a criminal investigation.

The controversial state attorney, who will turn 42 next month, has been shooting prosecutors and the media for months, through her lawyers and supporters. Cannot be reached for comment tonight.

It remained unclear if the federal investigation was centered around the $45,022 tax lien against the couple’s home, Nick Mosby said. drink It was paid off, or whether it was related to other issues.

Grand jury subpoenas were issued regarding the couple’s tax records, their side businesses (Marilyn’s Mahogany Elite Enterprises and Nick’s Monumental Squared LLC), working papers and accounting records for the Friends of Marilyn Mosby campaign committee.

Roaming Attorney General: Marilyn Mosby made 23 trips in 2018 and 2019, accepting $30,000 in damages (7/16/20)

Today’s 19-page indictment, which does not charge Nick Mosby with any wrongdoing, lays out a set of charges linked to his wife’s purchase of Florida real estate, which were first revealed by baltimore brew.

BREW EXCLUSIVE: Marilyn Mosby bought a Florida condominium worth $476,000 last month (3/21/21)

On charges of perjury to Mosby, the indictment alleges that in 2020, Mosby filed requests to withdraw $40,000 and $50,000 from her city retirement account, alleging Covid-related suffering.

Under the CARES Act, withdrawal is permitted if the applicant experiences “negative financial consequences from the coronavirus as a result of quarantine, furlough, or layoff; reduced working hours; inability to work due to lack of childcare; or closing or reducing the hours of a business owned or operated by “.

But Mosby has had none of those difficulties, according to prosecutors, who said she received her full $247,956 salary in 2020.

Eight-bedroom apartment

Prosecutors said Mosby used the $36,000 she received from that withdrawal to make down payments on the eight-bedroom apartment she bought in Kissimmee, Florida, near Orlando, and other apartments she bought in Longboat Key.

• Marilyn Mosby said in the mortgage documents that she would use the Florida property as a second home, and then rented it (22/3/21)

The indictment says that when Mosby withdrew the $490,500 mortgage on the property, she signed a document to build a second home that said the borrower would “retain exclusive control over the occupancy of the property . . . and [will not] Granting a management company or any other person or entity any control over the occupancy or use of the property. “

But Mosby has already arranged with a management company to market the property as a short-term lease.

Accompanying photos of the 1953 Nice Court real estate listing.

Photos attached to a 1953 estate listing for the Nice Courthouse in Kissimmee.

Tax obligations are not disclosed

Prosecutors also allege that Mosby made false statements regarding mortgage documents for the Kissimmee property and the Longboat Key complex, advertised on property listings as “four minutes from the Gulf of Mexico.”

As part of both applications, Mosby has been asked to disclose its obligations.

But prosecutors said she failed to disclose any of the requests that she had not paid federal taxes from a number of previous years or the $45,022 mortgage against the home she and her husband owned in Reservoir Hill.

In each application, Mosby was asked:

“Are you currently delinquent or delinquent on any federal debt, loan, mortgage, financial obligation, bond, or loan security?”

Either way, the indictment alleged, Mosby responded with “no.”

We will fight these accusations.

Today’s indictment raises questions about Marilyn Mosby’s bid for a third term.

An online fundraiser sponsored by Friends of Marilyn Mosby was scheduled to be held last night.

In a statement issued tonight, Mosby’s attorney, A. Scott Bolden, “We will fight these accusations vigorously.

He continued, “I remain confident that once all the evidence is presented, she will triumph over these bogus charges – charges rooted in personal, political and racial animosity five months after her election.”

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