MPD Under the Radar: Pearl Street woman loans Mercedes to ex-husband, but can’t get it back

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Outside the headlines, the men and women of the Manchester Police Department are responding to requests from local residents around the clock, with incidents that the public may find valuable or interesting often going unnoticed.

In an effort to help shed light on those incidents and stimulate greater discussion about what is happening in our neighborhoods across the city, here are a few of those incidents that have flown under the radar, as obtained from the Records Department of the Manchester Police Department. For the Manchester Police Department’s daily records, which provide the starting point for these reports, click here.

The real names of the individuals and organizations in these stories have not been disclosed to protect them from potential harassment. Everyone accused of a crime is innocent unless proven guilty by a court of law.

Anyone with additional information about these incidents is welcome to share their accounts about what happened via email

December 5, 7:59 PM – A person on Orange Street said he saw two people fighting in the driveway of their car, but they weren’t sure if they had any weapons.

Another person called to note the close combat and thought it was a male-female domestic dispute.

A verbal warning was given to the combatants. Additional information was not immediately provided by the Manchester Police Department.

December 6, 1:33 pm – A man and woman were inside a red SUV in the corner of a parking lot on Candia Road. They were allegedly arguing, with the woman crying and the man screaming. However, by the time the police reached the scene, they were gone.

December 6, 4:01 pm – Police were sent to the South Willow Street area and Dr. John E. Devin where a man and woman were yelling at each other for unknown reasons. The man was holding a Coke bottle and was described as being skinny and wearing a tan beanie. The woman was described as blonde with her hair pulled back in a clip.

The officers were unable to find any of the individuals.

December 6, 5:21 pm – A Pearl Street woman said she let her ex-husband borrow her 2016 Mercedes GLE400 the week before and now won’t return it. After several hours of investigation, an officer met the woman who said she had bought the car with the husband in June 2021 about agreeing to split the payments.

However, the woman said that despite the fact that he had been driving from time to time since then, he did not make payments and wanted to return it to the agency so as not to damage her credit rating, stressing that he refused. Return the car.

Efforts to contact the ex-husband were unsuccessful, with the police then deciding that it was a civil matter, not a criminal one.

December 7, 1:11 pm – Police were sent to Cheney Place where there were a complaint of two vehicles parked on the curb: a Chevrolet SUV and an unmarked red car. The caller said it was an ongoing problem and it affected her ability to get her grandson home from school.

The matter was referred to the Parking Division, and no additional information was provided.

December 8, 3:47 pm – A woman is seen in the woods near a school yelling “Let me go, let me in!” The person who called the police regarding the woman was not able to see the woman, but could hear her screaming from the woods, indicating that the noise sounded like it was moving towards a parking lot.

Ten minutes later, the woman said she was still screaming and the caller reported a teacher at the school. The teacher eventually called the woman, then raised her hands in the air and shouted, “Stay away from me!”

Two minutes into the second call, the caller said he could no longer wait for police help and asked to check the woods behind the school, assuming the woman lived in a tent there.

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