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No Money Mo’ Problems…Bad Credit and Obtaining Public Trust

No Money Mo’ Problems…Bad Credit and Obtaining Public Trust
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Financial reasons include the biggest reasons for denial of security clearance from year to year. Would a poor credit report due to repossessing a car be grounds for rejection when hoping to gain the public’s trust?

This post subscriber was hoping not:

I have to get a PT clearance for a position being considered with HHS in D.C and am wondering if I have a chance… I only have one negative report that shows up on my credit report (car buy back, b/c I lost my job and couldn’t take the note) It has been shipped. Other than that, I don’t have any other issues that I can think of that might cause me any concern. I’ve talked to several people who have secret passes, and they say I should be fine. This is the first time I am trying to get a permit of any kind and I really want it so I can get this position because it will definitely help me now and in the long run. any answers? Please reply if you can help or have been in a similar situation and have obtained your PT clearance. thank you.

Alleviate financial problems

The judges take the whole person concept into account, so a past buyback car may not necessarily prevent you from getting the position that requires a general trust permit. Mitigating factors to consider are 1) time; and 2) what steps have you taken to improve your financial situation and fix the problems. This could include:

  1. Pay your bills.
  2. Not accumulating other large debts or living beyond your means.
  3. Work with creditors to resolve your current
  4. Consider credit counseling if you have other outstanding financial issues.

move forward

The original poster continued on the topic, “I just found out that my public trust would be a moderate risk, so my next question is…what will be verified for this type of permit? My manager at HHS says it should take about two months to get a temporary , but the clearance will probably be completed a year from now…so I hope it goes well.”

Public trust is a kind of background investigation, but Technically not a statement. Depending on the job, you will complete an SF-85 application, undergo a background investigation, and potentially have a NACI check and credit report check.

Going forward, here are some financial considerations to consider:

  1. Pay/file your taxes on time.
  2. Monitor your credit report.
  3. Report any issues to your security officer/investigator.

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