Nuveen Asset Management Provides Senior Loan Update

Nuveen Asset Management Provides Senior Loan Update
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TORONTO, Jan. 17, 2022 (The Globe Newswire) – (TSX: SSF.UN) Investors and investment advisors are invited to listen to a webinar, hosted by Larry Holzenthaler, Investment Strategy Analyst, Nuveen Asset Management (“NAM”). Mr. Holzenthaler discusses some of the recent trends in the US major loan market and explains why NAM believes loan fundamentals remain positive. The show recorded on January 13, 2022 can be viewed by clicking on the following link:

Home Loan Market Update – January 2022

Symphony’s Floating Rate Loan Fund (the “Fund”) invests primarily in floating rate preferred loans, which are the Company’s most important obligations to the Borrower and are secured by the Borrower’s assets. Large loans have a secured first priority claim on repayment, before bonds and equity. Large loans offer a high level of income and low interest rate risk compared to traditional fixed income asset classes. Symphony believes that key credit fundamentals for loans remain strong as the US economy continues to recover and corporate default rates are expected to remain low.

The fund offers a distribution of $0.48 per unit per year on Class A shares, paid per month, representing a cash dividend rate of 6.1% per annum based on TSX’s closing price on January 14, 2022. The fund is available for purchase on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol SSF.UN.

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About Nuveen Asset Management
Nuveen Asset Management, LLC (“NAM”) is sub-advisor to Symphony Floating Rate’s First Loan Fund. NAM specializes in managing debt and equity strategies including senior loan portfolios. NAM, a registered investment advisor, has been in operation for more than thirty years and has a total of $274.4 billion in assets under management as of November 30, 2021. NAM is an indirect subsidiary of Nuveen, LLC and is a subsidiary of Teachers Insurance and the American Pension Association.

annual performance1 1 year 3 years 5 years 10 years SI2 SI3
Symphony Floating Rate Fund – Class A 13.9% 5.7% 3.9% 5.4% 5.4%
Symphony Floating Rate Fund – Class C 19.5% 7.6% 4.9%
Symphony Floating Rate Fund – Class F 16.3% 6.3% 4.3%
Symphony Floating Rate Fund – Class U 13.5% 6.1% 4.3% 5.4% 5.3%

(1) Returns for the period ended December 31And 2021 and not audited. The table shows the compound returns of the fund for each specified period.
(2) Established Date: November 1, 2011
(3) Established date: January 10, 2017

You will normally pay a brokerage fee to your dealer if you buy or sell units of the Toronto Stock Exchange or other Canadian alternative trading system (“Exchange”). If units are bought or sold on an exchange, investors may pay more than the NPV when buying units of the investment fund and may receive less than the NPV when selling them.

There are fees and running expenses associated with owning investment fund units. An investment fund must prepare disclosure documents that contain basic information about the fund. You can find more detailed information about the fund in the public filings available at The rates of return indicated are the total historical compound annual returns including changes in unit value and the reinvestment of all distributions and do not take into account certain fees such as redemption costs or income taxes payable by any security holder that would reduce returns. Investment funds are unsecured, their values ​​change frequently and past performance may not be repeated. The amount of distributions may fluctuate from month to month and there can be no guarantee that the Fund will make any distribution at any time
specific month.

Certain statements in this press release constitute forward-looking information within the meaning of the Canadian securities laws. Forward-looking information may relate to matters disclosed in this press release and other matters identified in public filings relating to the Fund, the future expectations of the Fund and expected events or results and may include statements regarding the future financial performance of the Fund. . In some cases, forward-looking information may be identified by terms such as “may,” “should,” “expect,” “plan,” “expect,” “believe,” “intend,” and “estimate,” “expect,” “probable,” “continue,” or other similar expressions relating to matters that are not historical facts. Actual results may differ from this forward-looking information. Investors should not place undue reliance on forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements are made as of the date hereof and we assume no obligation to update or revise them to reflect new events or conditions.


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