Questions To Ask A REALTOR®

What do you ask the broker?®

The right broker® Or a real estate agent can make all the difference when looking for dream house. Before you decide to hire a specific agent, you should ask a series of questions to make sure the match is a good fit.

It can help to think about hiring a broker® As an employee. After all, you are hiring a professional to complete a job for you. Most agents expect you to ask a few questions, so don’t be shy.

Here’s a look at questions to ask REALTOR® before working with them.

Are you a full time agent?

A full-time agent can devote his entire time to his clients. But not all agents work full time. In fact, you’ll find that many agents work in this part-time job.

While there is nothing wrong with a part-time agent, it is likely that you will not receive the same level of service that you would with a full-time agent. It simply boils down to the number of hours per day a particular agent can devote to the task.

In most cases, working with a full-time agent will speed up the process.

Do you have referrals I can see?

Successful agents often have many satisfied clients. When you ask the question, broker® He should be able to provide a list of several clients who can vouch for a positive experience.

With this shortlist, feel free to contact at least one former customer to inquire about their experience. If the agent cannot provide any referrals, they may not be able to provide an enjoyable experience.

How much do you charge? How do we pay you?

As with any transaction, you’ll want to know exactly how the agent expects to pay.

In most cases, buyers will not pay anything to their agents. Instead, the buyer’s agent’s fee is transferred to closing costs. But it is important to ask the potential agent about their fees to avoid any unexpected costs in the future.

Do you work with home buyers and sellers?

Some agents specialize in working with buyers and sellers. As a buyer, you will need someone who has a track record of successful buyer transactions.

However, it may be beneficial to work with an agent who has experience with both buyers and sellers. Multiple real estate agents can provide useful insights with knowledge from both sides of the table.

How long have you been a Realtor?®?

As with all professions, experience as a realtor® It could be a great addition. Real estate agents who have spent several years in the business know the ins and outs of business. They can use this experience to guide you through a smooth process.

On the other hand, there are some new brokers® They are eager to establish themselves in the market. You may find a deal that works with someone relatively new. But balance savings with a lack of experience.

Do you have a team?

Some agents work with an established team to increase their time. Agents with a team of buyers usually have buyers who interact with other agents and assistants throughout the process. If you prefer to work with one person during the process, you will likely want to choose REALTOR® without a team.

Having a team behind your chosen broker® It can be positive or negative, depending on the type of experience you’re looking for. On the one hand, the team can make the process more efficient. On the other hand, you may like the personal touch that comes with working one-on-one with the broker®.

What is your usual availability? What is the best way to contact you?

It would be unreasonable to expect your real estate agent to be available at all times. After all, they have their personal lives! But it is smart to ask about their usual availability.

You’ll want someone to be available when you are. For example, if you work 9 to 5 during the week and plan to buy homes on the weekend, you will need a real estate agent® It is so available.

Besides a compatible schedule, you will need an agent who is easy to get. In the best case scenario, Realtor® It will be available for phone calls. If it’s only available through text and email, it can be hard to get in touch with you when you need it. Make sure your communication style is a good fit before moving forward.

How many homes have you helped close in the last year?

Ultimately, a successful home shopping experience ends with a closure. You’ll want to work with a REALTOR® company that has proven to consistently help clients close to their dream home. If no homes have closed in the last year, that’s not a good sign.

What is the average list price to sales between price?

The listed price of a home often differs significantly from the final sale price. If the sale price is consistently lower than the listed price, then you will know that your real estate agent is a skilled negotiator. Since no one wants to pay more for their home, find a real estate agent® With a track record of negotiating a better deal makes sense.

How many clients do you work with at one time?

Most successful agents will have more than one client at the same time. However, you may not want to work with REALTOR® who has a very large number of clients in his books. After all, you want someone who can take the time to search for your home.

If the broker® You manipulate more than 10 clients, you may not find the single service you are looking for.

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