Rise & Shine! Your Newport County guide for Jan. 19

Rise & Shine! Your Newport County guide for Jan. 19
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Rise and shine! I’m Scott Barrett, Digital Editor of the Daily News, and today is January 19, the 19th day of the year – 346 days left in 2022. On this day in 2004, Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean let out a shriek during a campaign rally, Howling was He played it over and over and many believe it ended his chances of winning the White House.

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• Want the feel of a downtown Newport hotel without paying the price of downtown Newport? A hotel expected to open in the coming months could fit the bill. The Pell, located in the former Ramada Inn in Middletown, will be a modern accommodation facility with 127 rooms.

And if you’re a restaurant owner, the hotel dining space could be yours. Reporter Savannah Dunning offered a sneak peek at the new place here.

• In his first state of the state address, Governor Dan Mackey on Tuesday offered his vision for Rhode Island’s recovery from the pandemic, pledging more than $250 million in housing, student loan forgiveness for health care workers and “creating a network of electric car charging stations.” at the state level.” Providence magazine political reporter Catherine Gregg summarizes the address here.

• There have been no jury trials held in Newport County for the past year, according to a court spokesperson, and no trials will be scheduled until at least March because we’re bearing another surge in COVID. This, along with other factors, has slowed the judicial process locally. Journalist Laura Damon tells us the story.

• Find the latest home sales and real estate transactions in Newport County here.

• The majority of the players on the Johnston/North Providence/Tiverton Cooperative Hockey Team are students at Tiverton High School. For now, they’re keeping this program alive, but does the future hold? Read more from sports reporter Steve Rogers here.

• Fred Zilian, Daily News columnist, will deliver a lecture tonight entitled “Frederick Douglass: Slave, Free Man, American.” The event begins at the Portsmouth Free Public Library at 6:30 p.m. Learn more here.

• The House Special Committee that studies the Coastal Resources Board of Directors will accept the public testimony before its meeting at 3 pm today. The written testimony can be sent to no later than noon. The meeting will be broadcast on Capitol TV and online here.

• The Rhode Island Press Association is seeking applications for the annual $1,000 scholarship, awarded to an outstanding high school student at a Rhode Island school or college student preparing for a career in journalism. Learn more here.

• Do you need a COVID test at home? You can now order online and get it for free on a new federal government website. Learn more here.

• Speaking of COVID, the State Department of Health is expected to update case data for each city today. If so, I’ll get it for you at

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born today

Pete Buttigieg (politician), 40

Jodi Sweetin (Actress), 40

Katie Sagal (Actress), 68

Dolly Parton (singer), 76

weather report



Tides: 1:39 am, 2:34 pm

high tide: 8:27 AM, 8:52 PM

Sunrise: 7:05 am sunset: 4:46 pm

water temperature: 43.3 degrees.

Municipal meetings


Tax Appeal Board, 1 p.m.


Open Spaces and Fields Committee, 5:30 p.m.

School building committee 5:30 pm


School Committee 6 p.m.

Economic Development Committee 7 pm


Tax Assessment Review Board, 4:15 p.m.


Housing Authority at 10 am

Planning Committee 7 pm

local obituary

Barbara e Luzzi

Joyce E. Reagan

Whitelatch woman

Larry Allison Tonelli Parker

today is …

National Popcorn Day

Weapon Appreciation Day

Take a dose today

trivia answer

s: Newport’s famous watering hole, which closed a decade or so ago, at one point did not allow female patrons in. The owner, a well-dressed man after whom the pub was named, told the Providence Journal in 1971. The name of that establishment: “The women give me such headaches.”

a: Billy Judd. When he died in 1977, William J. “Billy” Judd is 95 years old and was the oldest bartender in the state, whose career spans back to the Prohibition days.

Lots of good guesses for this. Kudos to Kristen Marchese, Oakley Jones, Mike Pinto, Lyn Panagio, Ann Sherman, Melissa Welch, Fenton Wallace, Kevin Bourne, David Behan, Beverly Cardoza, Richard Hunt, Thomas Whittleton, Jim Johnson, Carol Maloney, Arthur Hamilton, all answered correctly .

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