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SafeAuto Car Insurance Review for 2022

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Safeauto insurance logoSafeAuto insurance is a popular option for high-risk drivers. The minimum state-required vehicle insurance coverage for legal liability is the primary focus of SafeAuto. More specifically, it provides auto insurance for those with bad credit, multiple traffic violations, or a DUI on their records.

Thus, this makes SafeAuto Insurance a non-standard insurance company, which is one of the reasons why the major rating agencies have not rated it.

In this review, you’ll find SafeAuto’s coverage options, discounts, pricing, customer satisfaction information, and financial strength to help you make the best choice. We will answer the following questions:

What types of auto insurance can you get from SafeAuto Insurance?

Car insurance rates

SafeAuto Insurance is known to offer minimal liability insurance packages. This strategy is the company’s bread and butter.

Notably, 49 states plus the District of Columbia require liability coverage. Liability insurance can protect policyholders from false claims made by the other driver in the event of an accident at fault.

moreover, SafeAuto provides collision and comprehensive packages.

The insurance company will also provide you with SR-22 documents. The SR-22 is what you need for proof of insurance after multiple violations, a DUI, and more. In this case, they give you a Form SR-22 to prove coverage.

What are the advantages of SafeAuto insurance?

SafeAuto insurance also offers many discounts that may be important to you. However, since the company specializes in drivers at risk, it does not offer a wide range of discounts.

Here are some of the most popular discounts you can get on SafeAuto:

  • New Business Transfer Discount: You can get this discount if you decide to switch to SafeAuto from another insurance company. All you have to do is give SafeAuto your previous insurance company information.
  • Multi-vehicle discount: You’ll get a better rate if you decide to insure multiple vehicles with SafeAuto.
  • Homeowners Discount: SafeAuto believes that homeowners are safer drivers. If you own your own home, you can get a homeowners discount.
  • Good Student Discount: Students with a high GPA may be eligible for this discount.

SafeAuto Insurance also offers motorcycle, homeowners, renters, life, and business insurance. However, it does not provide multi-policy discount or package discount.

How much does SafeAuto insurance cost?

Save money on car insurance

Although SafeAuto is a no-frills insurance company, their rates still vary. According to Savvy, basic liability insurance costs an average of $98 per month with SafeAuto. Savvy collects data from current consumer policies, including information on price, age, marital status and other demographics.

Statistics provide a representative sample that is used as a general guide. Learn more about the Savvy Method.

Take a look at the average annual rates below by age group and other demographics.

Age group gender marital status Average annual cost
18 to 24 The remembrance Not related 1,670.21 USD
18 to 24 feminine Not related USD 2088.91
18 to 24 The remembrance I got married $2916.00
18 to 24 feminine I got married $2916.00
25 to 34 The remembrance Not related USD 1128.69
25 to 34 feminine Not related 1630.71 USD
25 to 34 The remembrance I got married Unavailable
25 to 34 feminine I got married $961.00
35 to 49 The remembrance Not related USD 862.80
35 to 49 feminine Not related Unavailable
35 to 49 The remembrance I got married 1,022.91 USD
35 to 49 feminine I got married 1438.25 dollars
50 to 69 The remembrance Not related Unavailable
50 to 69 feminine Not related $1,359.80
50 to 69 The remembrance I got married USD 906.67
50 to 69 feminine I got married Unavailable

Source: cleverness

What other factors will affect my SafeAuto quote?

The amount of your SafeAuto auto insurance quote will depend on other factors as well, like where you live Your driving record and credit score. However, since SafeAuto specializes in high-risk driver policies, this company may be an option if you fall into this category.

Specifically, the company offers a pay-as-you-go option for liability insurance. This means you can buy insurance in 3,7,14 or 30 day increments. With this option, you can only activate your coverage on the days you drive. This may help keep your rate down, especially after an unfortunate accident.


Penalties for DUI quotes are common among insurance companies and can be very severe. Looking at all the insurance companies across the country, The Zebra estimates that drivers with DUI can expect to pay anywhere from 30% to 100% more for car insurance.

SafeAuto caters to high-risk drivers, including those with DUIs, so it may be an insurance company that you keep on your list while searching for providers.

Car accidents

SafeAuto may be one of your best options if your driving history includes many faulty car accidents. why? Because they specialize in providing coverage to drivers just like you.

Accident and Fault Insurance

Going with another insurer could mean seeing price increases of 50% year over year, averaging $767, according to data from The Zebra.

Balance level

SafeAuto may be one of the cheapest options for you if you have a “poor” or “very poor” credit score. According to The Zebra, using SafeAuto can help you avoid paying up to 115% more than drivers with exceptional credit.

How satisfied are SafeAuto insurance customers?

Car insurance on the phoneThere’s more to consider with SafeAuto than just coverage options and deductions. You may notice that their website is easy to use and allows you to ask the company questions regarding their coverage. The site is also available in English and Spanish.

SafeAuto offers a mobile app to access your policy and do different things with your insurance coverage.

Complaints are high, ratings are low

Given the scale of SafeAuto, state regulators have received many complaints about the insurance company. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners, or NAIC, is an organization of insurance regulators that sets, among other things, industry standards. NAIC rated SafeAuto as “above average” for customer complaints.

As a result, drivers may need to consider shopping from several providers to see which insurance company suits them best.

SafeAuto Lock Background

Founded in 1993, SafeAuto is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio and provides coverage for drivers in 28 states. Allstate has agreed to acquire SafeAuto in 2021, which could help the company expand its offering and capabilities.

SafeAuto is not currently rated by AM Best, Standard & Poor’s, or Moody’s. However, gave the company a financial strength rating of 4.2 out of 5.

Before buying auto insurance, compare rates with different insurance providers to find the plan that works best for you, especially before buying a new or used car.

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