Scratch Platform Introduces Standardized Market Valuations and Loans for NFTs | News

Scratch Platform Introduces Standardized Market Valuations and Loans for NFTs | News
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San Juan Puerto RicoAnd January 20 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Scratch Corporation, NFT’s research, evaluation, and loan firm, introduces Scratch: the first platform to standardize the market value of NFT by leveraging public tools and data sets. The Scratch platform supports this assessment by offering investors the opportunity to obtain loans using NFTs as collateral.

According to Cointelegraph, the trading volume of NFTs is expected to be more than 6 billion US dollars in a January 2022, almost double its previous all-time high 3.5 billion USD in a August 2021. But despite the success and high trading volume of NFTs, it is a sector of the crypto economy that lacks consolidated data research, asset valuation and financial services.

Shawn OwensScratch co-founder provides more details about the goals of the Scratch platform:

“What comes into it is confidence. There is very little of it in NFTs at the moment, even with the massive trading volume that they are currently enjoying – and we expect – they will enjoy very well in the future. There has to be a platform that generates that trust with strong data and standardized NFT valuation.” Confidence is then essential in this assessment, and we provide this through secured loans, giving investors increased liquidity to take advantage of other short-term crypto opportunities.In short, we put money where our mouth is, solving issues no one else has.

But some of these problems we know we can’t – and won’t be able to solve on our own. The Scratch Platform APIs will also empower our partners and partnerships to help make the NFT marketplace a secure, stable, and scalable ecosystem. “

The current roadmap includes multiple development phases, with each phase scaling the platform as well as introducing new features, and each culminating in a security review to ensure stability before moving on to the next phase. Other phases include listing Scratch code on major exchanges, BETA1 and BETA2 versions of the Scratch Engine, launching Scratch Loans, and a final security audit before releasing the technology and Scratch APIs to the public.

<Scratch platform features:

Zero value: A software valuation solution for NFTs and digital assets using multiple market tools and the latest market data sets. This allows investors to receive real-time values ​​on NFTs and other digital assets.

scratch loan: First for NFTs, take out a loan with a percentage of the assessed NFT value of the assets. Once assumed, the asset is stored in the Scratch Vault. Loan factors include: loan amount, loan term, desirability and value of the NFT, etc.

scratch vault: Depository repository for all digital non-financial and lended digital assets. Scratch Vault assets are locked and secured to prevent loss of value. Transfer and cash withdrawal options for investors’ assets will also be available.

Scratch Gallery: A futuristic market where investors can shop from our range of NFTs and other digital assets. The Scratch Gallery suite is sourced from presumed loans and direct purchases from the Scratch Engine, and from potential assets from Scratch Partners.

At launch, the Scratch token will be an ETH 20-based ERC token, and the other blockchain is in development. This token will allow stockholders to get reflections as we lend, sell and buy NFTs directly and via partnerships. Token presale has been launched at January 15, available only at According to the roadmap, a public launch is scheduled for the first quarter of 2022.

To find out more about the Scratch platform to pre-sell your Scratch code, or to schedule an interview with the Scratch team, please contact Brian Markowski at +1603306 3645 or email

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