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Should You Join a Warehouse Club in 2022?

Should You Join a Warehouse Club in 2022?
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Joining the warehouse club could be a smart financial move. Here’s how to tell if it’s right for you.

the main points

  • Joining a warehouse club can save a lot of money for your family.
  • Becoming a member of the Warehouse Club is not for everyone, so ask these questions to see if it makes sense for you.

When I first moved to the suburbs, I was hesitant to join the warehouse club. At the time, it was just my husband and I, and although the membership fee (about $50) wasn’t that expensive, I wasn’t sure we’d eventually get our money’s worth.

But now that we have three school-aged children, I can say for sure that being a member of the Warehouse Club is not only good for my family but has also led to a world of savings, despite the annual fees we pay. If you are considering joining a warehouse club, ask yourself these three questions to determine if this is the right choice for you.

1. Do I have a larger family to feed?

If you’re single or part of a childless couple, you may not be spending enough money at a warehouse club to justify the annual fee you’ll be paying. Furthermore, if you don’t have that many people in your house, you may not use bulk groceries before they expire.

But if you have a larger family, you may not likely be a victim of food waste. In my house, we buy things like spinach and broccoli in bulk, and even with our picky eaters, we’re still able to eat it all before it spoils. Likewise, we eat a lot of fruit, so buying it in bulk saves us money and is never wasted.

2. Am I good at planning meals?

I’ll admit I’m not always great at planning meals in advance. But I’ve gotten better at it over the years, and it has helped me get the most out of my warehouse club membership.

There are some bulk items, such as frozen vegetables or sauces, that I will buy often because I figured out in advance what servings they will be used in. If you are a meal planner, or would like to become one, a warehouse club membership can work well for you.

3. Do I have a suitable storage space?

In my house, we have a regular fridge/freezer combo in our kitchen, a spare fridge/freezer downstairs, and a deep freezer. We also have a large stock of non-perishable goods.

I realize that most people do not have the same capacity to store perishable items as we do. But if you have the right amount of storage, a warehouse club membership can pay off.

If your space is always running low, you’ll probably be better off Not Join the Warehouse Club. After all, what’s the point of scoring a great price on bulk chicken nuggets if you don’t have a place to put them? And while you get more leeway with non-perishable items, do you really want to store two months’ worth of cheese crackers and granola bars in the corner of your bedroom because you don’t have a big enough pantry?

Spending a little on groceries helps my family save ours, and to that end, belonging to the warehouse club makes sense. Not only is our membership more than paying for it, but I can say we make hundreds of dollars a year. Joining the Warehouse Club can benefit you similarly, but you should review these questions first to make sure they are a perfect fit.

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