The Recorder – State forgives $48.6K of Deerfield Fire District loan for water main replacement

The Recorder - State forgives $48.6K of Deerfield Fire District loan for water main replacement
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Publication date: 01/18/2022 3:19:55 PM

Modified date: 01/18/2022 3:18:51 PM

DEERFIELD – As part of the Government’s Loan Forgiveness Program, Deerfield Fire District is receiving approximately $50,000 to help pay off a 2020 loan obtained to replace approximately 3,800 linear feet of water main on Greenfield Road (Routes 5 and 10).

The district received a $739,928 loan in 2020 to take on the project and the state will forfeit $48,637, or about 6.6%, of the loan as part of a program from the Massachusetts Clean Water Fund that awards grants to “cities, towns, counties, and water utilities in the The need for financial assistance to help pay for improvements to drinking water and wastewater infrastructure,” according to the fund.

Deerfield Fire District water director Brian Nartowitz said help through the Massachusetts Clean Water Trust is appreciated, but the last time the area received this type of help from the state, a higher percentage of its loan was forgiven.

“All free money is useful,” Nartovic said. “I wish it was more.”

The major water replacement project, which is due to end on May 1, aims to address water quality complaints caused by “old, severely tuberculous main water pipes” and replace 25 head of geese in service lines. The Deerfield Fire District, serving 1,300 people in North Deerfield through 348 connections, replaced a 6-inch water main pipe from 1948 with an 8-inch HDPE pipe to alleviate water quality problems.

Not only will it help to get better flow, but better quality,” Nartovic said. I think people are getting cleaner water now. … I hope it will last us 100 years.”

Nartovic said the project is largely complete, save for a little spring cleaning.

“It’s just a spring cleaning,” he noted.

In a statement, state Treasurer Deborah Goldberg, who is also president of the Massachusetts Fund for Clean Water, said granting the loan forgiveness represents an opportunity to provide cleaner water to communities while allowing towns to allocate money to other local needs.

“Saving this money saves big dollars for our local communities while protecting the environment and the health of our citizens,” Goldberg explained. “This $23.9 million investment is another great example of the fund’s work to help our cities and towns, and most importantly, the people who live here.”

Deerfield is one of 33 cities and towns selected by the state for loan forgiveness, which has awarded more than $23.9 million across Massachusetts for drinking and wastewater infrastructure.

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