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Total Visa® Review | The Ascent

Total Visa® Review | The Ascent
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The most important advantages

This card is the definition of bare bones, and offers only basic perks.

Easy to get with any credit score

The most important advantage of the Total Visa® card is the ease of obtaining it. There is no minimum credit score requirement, and people with bad credit are welcome to apply.

While this card is easy to obtain, it will still be subject to a credit check. Approval is not guaranteed, although it is very likely as long as you can pay the fee.

Once you open an account, your payment history and balance will be reported to the three major credit bureaus. This means that Total Visa® can help you build credit if you use it responsibly, including paying your bill on time each month and not using a large portion of your balance.

No security deposit to open an account

Many bad credit credit cards are secured cards that require a refundable deposit to be opened. Total Visa® does not require a security deposit requirement.

However, this is not as good as it sounds when it comes to Total Visa®. The high program fees, annual fees, and maintenance fees for Total Visa® are actually more expensive than the minimum deposit for many secured credit cards.

For example, many secured credit cards require a minimum deposit of $200. The total program fee and annual fee for the first year of Total Visa® is $164. So, for an extra $36, you can get a secured credit card with a refundable deposit and no annual fee.

What can be improved

This card has many downsides, from high fees to low spending limits and more.

High fees for everything

This card doesn’t charge for just about everything, it does Average fees in it. To get started, you’ll need to pay an $89 non-refundable program fee just to open your account. Then, you’ll be billed an annual fee of $75 before you get your card.

The annual fee drops to $48 after the first year — but don’t relax just yet. There is a service fee starting during the second year of $6.25 per month ($75 per year). And if you don’t remember paying this service fee, interest will be charged.

This benefit would also be expensive. The Total Visa® card has a higher APR than the majority of cards on the market. Late payment fees are also above average.

Then there are all the other fees. Do you want an additional card or a premium card design? There is a fee for that. Want to increase your credit limit? Significant fees (see below). Do not order express delivery of your card – this is another fee.

Initial credit limit of $300 only

Each approved applicant will receive an initial credit limit of only $300.

Annual fees are charged once your account is opened. This means that before you use your card, your credit limit will be reduced to just $225. You will not be eligible for a higher credit limit until you have had the account for at least one year.

To make matters worse, you will need to pay another fee if you want a higher credit limit on your Total Visa®. You will pay 20% of the increase amount for the credit limit increase. So, if you get a $100 increase in your credit limit, you’ll be stuck with a $20 fee.

There are no purchase bonuses or perks

Oftentimes, high annual credit card fees correlate with a lot of buying rewards. Not in this case. Total Visa® does not earn any kind of reward. No cash back, no points – nothing.

You should also not look for any other popular card perks. There is not even a welcome bonus of any kind. In fact, if you calculate the mandatory program fee for opening a Total Visa® account, which is charged on top From the annual fee, it is basically similar to a file reflect Subscription bonus.

Terrible customer reviews

As you might expect from all the drawbacks already listed, customers are not impressed with this card. Reviews tear up service charges and high interest rates. But perhaps most disturbing are the numerous complaints about customer service.

Not only do users seem to have trouble getting people to the phone, but canceling the card also seems to be a challenge to many reviewers. Given the cost of the card, it can quickly get expensive if you can’t easily cancel when you’re ready to go.

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