Transportation planners eye $13.5M loan for area’s biggest traffic roundabout

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Planners envision the largest traffic circuit in the Dayton area. John Applegate, Union City Manager, said he wants the rotor to be able to accommodate WB-67 tractor-trailers, among the largest vehicles on the road.

“It’s going to be huge,” Applegate said last month, as she spoke to a committee considering applications for Montgomery County Economic Development/Government Equity grants.

While an affirmative vote by TID trustees allows the district to apply for a loan from ODOT’s State Infrastructure Bank, Stanley said Union City is likely to apply for the loan. However, in the event that the city does not do so, an affirmative vote allows Stanley to proceed with the application.

The vote was 4-0 in favor of the loan application and one member was absent.

Applegate said he would discuss the matter with Stanley.

“It’s kind of a moving ball now,” he said.

Both men hope to begin work on the project by next spring, Stanley said, when work is completed “the sooner the better.”

In addition to the $13.5 million ODOT loan, Stanley said, other sources of funding are being considered or are being worked on.

The EDGE committee voted Friday to recommend that the Montgomery County commissioners give the Federation $500,000 project. Stanley said he also expects a 629 JobsOhio grant, and another $400,000 from an ODOT grant, among other funding sources.


Etihad roundabout near Amazon and P&G

Etihad roundabout near Amazon and P&G

Etihad roundabout near Amazon and P&G

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