WBZ News Update For Dec. 24 – Boston News, Sports, Weather, Traffic and Boston’s Best

WBZ News Update For Dec. 24 – Boston News, Sports, Weather, Traffic and Boston's Best
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WBZ news update for December 24Airlines cancel dozens of flights on Christmas Eve due to coronavirus; Biden lifts travel ban to South Africa; Fire Lawrence Christmas Forecast

Patriots coach Bill Belichick on balancing Christmas and footballThe Patriots have a huge game against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, but Bill Belichick is making sure his players have plenty of time to spend with their families on Christmas Day.

WBZ Midday Forecast for December 24, 2021Zac Greene has an updated Christmas Day weather forecast.

The Menino family’s annual donation drive serves meals in DorchesterA donation drive to honor the late Boston Mayor Tom Menino provided 300 meals to families in need.

Brigham and the gynecologist say the test is not readily available to staffA nurse told WBZ that getting a COVID test at Brigham and Women’s Hospital is not as easy as it used to be.

NORAD Tracker: Santa left the North PoleIt’s official – Santa has started his round-the-world journey.

WBZ Midday Weather Forecast for December 24, 2021Zack Green has your latest predictions.

WBZ news update for December 24Boston police arrested a man who tried to kidnap him outside the school; Suspects encounter drug and weapon packages in Vaal River; Boston Virginia suspends patient visits; Christmas forecast

JC Jackson from the Patriots wants to help name his islandPatriots Cornback JC Jackson is a professional bowler player for the first time in his career, and now he wants to help name his “island”.

Patriots First Fall: Will the Patriots bounce back in front of the Bills in Week 16?Dan Roche and Mike Reese broke up this weekend’s Patriots-Bales game at Gillette Stadium, discussing the team’s head-to-game mentality after a disappointing loss to the Colts last weekend.

Maine soldier rescues Alzheimer’s man from snow trenchA state soldier in Maine rescued a man with Alzheimer’s disease from a snowy pit.

WBZ Morning Forecast for December 24, 2021Zack Green has your latest predictions.

Travel exceeds pre-pandemic levels as COVID cases lead to dozens of flight cancellationsLisa’s bug report from WBZ-TV.

WBZ . forecastJacob Wyckoff has an updated weather forecast.

Holiday travel rises to pre-pandemic levels as COVID cases surgeWBZ-TV’s Christina Rex reports.

Danvers Light Display raises money for Boston Children’s HospitalThe Danvers’ dazzling light show is sure to put Arthur Street on Santa’s beautiful list. WBZ-TV’s Julie MacDonald reports.

Boston police arrest attempted kidnapping outside schoolA man has been arrested in connection with the attempted kidnapping of a child outside Roxbury School.

WBZ Evening News Update for December 23, 2021A man faces charges in connection with an investigation into the death of his girlfriend; A former British Columbia student pleads guilty to charges related to her boyfriend’s suicide; discovery of a rifle from 1841 during a traffic stop in West Brookfield; Latest forecast.

WBZ Evening Bulletin on December 23, 2021Jacob Wyckoff has an updated weather forecast.

Dogs and cats from Kentucky for adoption in MassachusettsAnimal shelters in Massachusetts are stepping up to help homeless pets after hurricanes in Kentucky. WBZ-TV’s Rachel Holt reports.

The nurse says COVID tests are not readily available to staff at Brigham and Women’s HospitalA nurse at Brigham and Women’s Hospital said getting a COVID test has been difficult lately.

To-do list: Fenway Ice Rink, New Year’s Eve 80’s, Science Train MuseumFrom ice skating to celebrating the ’80s to the seasonal exhibit at a local museum, there are plenty of fun ways to celebrate the holidays.

Jason Bateman named Harvard’s Pudding Man of the YearBateman will be honored with pot roast and pudding. The Man of the Year celebrations will take place on February 3rd at Farkas Ballroom.

Schools Looking at Safeguards as COVID Numbers Climb in MassachusettsSome districts that handed out free test kits, now want students to save one for the New Year. WBZ-TV’s Christina Hager reports.


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