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With Houston Property Market Competitiveness Rising, Vianey

With Houston Property Market Competitiveness Rising, Vianey
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HOUSTON, Texas, Jan. 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Real estate experts predict 2022 will see a surge in demand for real estate in the Houston area, and an experienced mortgage and brokerage officer is helping potential homeowners get them ahead of the competition and secure their loans before the surge begins. Sharp in home sales.

Although projects mixed forecasts for Texas real estate markets across different parts of the state, it identifies the Houston metro area as an area that could see a 2.6 percent increase in property sales this year along with a 2.4 percent increase. in housing prices, according to a recent article in the Houston Chronicle. Even with the coronavirus, Houston has been a sellers’ market, where demand for real estate often exceeds supply.

Although many people are rushing to buy homes, whether as first-time purchases or as part of a growing investment portfolio, many applications have been rejected due to insufficient planning initially with the all-important mortgage, says Vianey Lujan, a loan officer at Sugar Land, Texas, an eight-member team at Oakdale Mortgage.

Vianney invites aspiring owners to work with her to learn how to get secured loan approval, and to apply her knowledge as a realtor and former mortgage professional. She has more than 21 years of experience working in the real estate industry and has held the position of Loan Officer since February 2018, combining what she learned from both positions to secure ideal home loans for her clients.

They offer a round-the-clock service to carefully develop a client’s mortgage plan that takes into account every possible aspect, from resolving any credit problems to obtaining the lowest possible interest rates that other loan officers cannot reach.

“People find it difficult to start the pre-approval process for their first home because of issues ranging from a lack of education or information to poor credit scores,” she says. And any one of these obstacles can delay or even lead to the rejection of a loan application, a major setback in Houston’s booming real estate market when quick action is the key to success. “When a mortgage is denied, it is important to know why it was rejected. These are the notes that aspiring homeowners should use to increase their chances of getting a mortgage for their dream home.”

Vianney is able to bring this success to clients by utilizing its comprehensive network of loans and properties that it has built through more than two decades of work on the Houston property.

“Having worked in real estate in the Houston area, the next logical step for me was to move to helping clients get their mortgages,” she says. “I saw a need for qualified, interested and responsible lending to our buyers. As a realtor, I know what buyers are looking for in terms of customer service, accountability and delivery based on a certain pre-approval.”

Vianney also noted that buyers in Latin countries are not accustomed to buying anything on credit – they will buy homes with cash. Part of her work in the Houston area is educating a large Latino population about the best ways to obtain mortgages. Viani, herself, came from Mexico when she was five and has seen from first-hand experience the repercussions of not having a Spanish-speaking mortgage advisor to help Houston’s Latino community.

“My goal is to educate buyers about their loan options and provide the best home buying loan experience to the buyers, sellers and landlords involved in the deal,” says Vianney. “With demand high and growth expected to continue, you need to move quickly and get your loan approved as quickly as possible. Many people get stuck in that first step and miss out on their dream homes.”

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