Wizards Don’t Plan to ‘Skip Steps,’ Mortgage Future in a Win-Now Trade – NBC4 Washington

Wizards Don’t Plan to ‘Skip Steps,’ Mortgage Future in a Win-Now Trade – NBC4 Washington
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Wizards don’t plan to pawn the future in a now lucrative business that originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

The Wizards are trying to build a rivalry around Bradley Beal and although they have improved significantly this season compared to last season, there is still work to be done to bring Washington to a level that rivals the top of the Eastern Conference.

At a 22-20 record and about a month before the trade deadline, Wizards general manager Tommy Sheppard has some decisions to make about his roster. He can make a small move or two to maximize his current core or incorporate his team’s depth and assets into a player closer to Bale’s caliber.

As Sheppard explained to Kevin Sheehan of Team 980, witches likely won’t take the latter path.

“We will not skip steps. I will not say [Beal] We’ll go out and try to broadcast this team and try to win today So we can have a great season and wreck the next four years. We can drop three picks from the first round and go get someone now to change our roster for the season. That’s going to be cool for a while, but the sugar rush isn’t worth it.”

There are a few big name brand targets on the market this year, including Ben Simmons, Jerami Grant and Domantas Sabonis. If the Magicians had to get any of these three players, it would surely make them a better team right away, but would that move be enough to win it all?

When you look at recent deals featuring star players and several draft picks, the teams giving up those big packages for a star have usually been one step away from the title contender.

The Bucks gave up three future and two future swaps for Jrue Holiday, then won the championship the following season. When the Nets replaced Garrett Allen, Caris Levert and four first-round swaps for James Harden, they did so with the idea that Harden, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving would win a championship in a few years.

The organization could also consider Beal’s expired contract and see it as a deadline to make a brilliant move in trying to get him to stay, but that’s not the case for Sheppard and his staff.

“It’s more actions than words,” Sheppard said. “Someone can come and tell you, ‘I want to be here the rest of my career’, everything looks good and then something changes. I don’t need that affirmation, he doesn’t need that affirmation, we’ve been very transparent with each other. We want the same things, We both want to rise up this franchise and always be competitive.”

There likely won’t be a deal that will turn The Wizards into title favorites overnight, so for now, Sheppard can continue to focus on building something sustainable in Washington around Beal.

“You want to be able to build something stable and [Beal] It is the cornerstone of it. If something changes it will be up to him, but for us, we have been very transparent all this time about our goals and where we are going.”

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