Woman Pays Off Her Husband’s Student Loans For Christmas

Woman Pays Off Her Husband's Student Loans For Christmas
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Thanks to her supportive husband, the social media influencer had the pleasure of becoming a housewife mother. So she returned the favor by paying off her student loan debt for Christmas.

Jayla Brinai It went viral after sharing a post in which she revealed her investment to help her husband get into a student loan for the new year without debt. In a lengthy comment on Instagram for a post that has since been deleted, Brenae explained her conversation with her husband at the beginning of 2021 about going into 2022 without debt.

“My husband has talked from the beginning of our relationship about his student loans which were a dark cloud hovering over him and now his family,” brine Share the post.

She remembered watching her husband work two jobs to support her after she told him she wanted to be a housewife. Having successfully created the lifestyle content, she was able to push it forward and return support to her husband by paying off the remainder of her student loans.

“Fast forward to the day when I can finally thank him for everything and give his wish and mine to him,” she continued. “Since we were getting rid of him, he didn’t know that I had been saving this very moment all year long.”

She ended her comment by declaring that her family is one step closer to financial freedom thanks to paying off debts rather than buying material items.

“You are a debt-free student, and we are closer to being a debt-free family,” brine added.

She followed up with another Christmas post sharing her family’s holiday photo in a nod to the family’s modest rise on social media.

“Those who’ve been following me since the beginning know that while I stayed home, I knew I was being appreciated but wanted to make my income,” she explained in the caption.

She remembered being unemployed and over-drafting accounts while thanking her followers for all the support since becoming an influencer in 2019.

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